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DX Bearing

Technical Date

•Wrapped composite sliding bearing steel / POM, with lubrication pockets.


•DIN 1494 / ISO 3547

•All special designs are produced at short notice!

•Additional lubrication slots or lubrication drills on demand!

•Cylindrical bushings, thrust washer and strips are standard fabrication.


Suitable for grease or oil lubrication and all kinds of movements, good load capacity, robust and insensible to dirt.

Materials     Lead Free  

Support material

Steel backing with copper-plated / tin-plated

Intermediate layer

Sintered bronze powder

Sliding layer


Material properties

Specific load capacity static

250 [ N/mm² ]

Specific load capacity dynamic

140 [ N/mm² ] at low sliding speeds

Sliding speed

2,5 [ m/s ]

Friction value

0,04 to 0,12 [ µ ] dependings on lubrication

Temperature strain

-40 to +130 [ °C ] for a short time up to +130°C

Max. Pv - value

2,8 [ N/mm² x m/s ]

tolerance details

Housing - Ø


Bushing-Inner - Ø after mounting

In the range of D

Shaft tolerance


Shaft material

Steel, hardened or untempered, surface roughness Rz 4


PM-DX / MB-DX Bearing is a low-maintenace composite sliding bearing with a POM coating. Primary lubrication is necessary. Oil or grease lubrication is possible. Because of lubrication pockets lubrication clearances are reduced to a minimum!

Standard Parts

     PM-DX bush                        MB-DX bush                        PM-DX washer                    DX Strip

dx bushdx bushdx washer   dx strip
    • Metric Inch DXR                Metric                               Metric Inch DXR              Metric


DX bushes - inch DXR seriesDX thrust washers - Inch DXR seriesDX thrust washers - Metric SizePMDX bushes - Metric Size
MBDX bushes - Metric SizeDX Strip lengths - Metric Size