Technical References


For years, CLI BEARINGS has been producing quality bearings that meet the stringent demands of our customers. We produce
both standard and tailor-made custom solutions engineered for the toughest production challenges.

In these fast-moving times, our combination of creativity, innovation and technical expertise ensures customers
worldwide experience consistent, industry leading quality in every bearing we manufacture.

1. Construction of Rolling Bearings
Original 1 bearing structures nw
2. Bearing Selection
Original 2 bearing selection nw
3. Bearing Arrangement
Original 3 bearing arrangments nw
4. Bearing Number Codes
Original 4 bearing number codes nw
5. Bearing Tolerance
Original 5 bearing tolerances nw
6. Load Rating & Life
Original 6 bearing load rating and life nw
7. Bearing Fits
Original 7 bearing fits nw
8. Bearing Internal Clearance & Preload
Original 8 bearing internal clearance and preload nw
9. Bearing Installation
Original 9 bearing handling nw
10. Allowable Speed
Original 10 bearing allowable speed nw
11. Friction & Temperature Rise
Original 11 bearing friction and temperature rise nw
12. Lubrication
Original 12 bearing lubrication nw
13. Bearing Seals
Original 13 bearing seals nw
14. Bearing Materials
Original 14 bearing materials nw
15. Shaft & Housing Design
Original 15 bearing shaft and housing design nw
16. Bearing Handling
Original 16 bearing handling nw
17. Bearing Damage & Corrective Measures
Original 17 bearing damage and corrective measures nw